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Dear valued reader.

I love that you read our work.   We all hope that you get a moment when you laugh out loud, possibly spill your coffee, or worse, when reading our award winning journalism.

When I started NottNews, it was to bring some light and humor to the very boring world of politics.  The politicians were using peoples disinterest to commit crimes in the shadows.  Our articles bring attention to their behaviour and therefore make it harder for the pollies to steal from us.

If you want to help us continue to publish skewed perspectives on life, politics, religion and other topics,  you have many options.

  1. Comment or react to the post that brought you here.  Comments mean Facebook is more likely to show you fun content next time.
  2. Like or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. Share the page you laughed at on your social media.   Email it to a parent, tweet about it, share with a friend.  Sharing helps us reach our audience who might not see us otherwise.  Post it to Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn.  The more the merrier.
  4. Subscribe to our Weekly Brief.  We will email you a short summary each week of the most popular satire articles.  We encourage you to forward those to someone who might find them funny.

  5. Volunteer as a writer or graphic artist.  We always need original content in the form of articles or photoshop images.
  6. Become a Patreon subscriber. It rewards us for our efforts and  gives you a say in how we manage our content.  We will even write about specific things at the top level. Do that here.
  7. Speak about us (Nott with double T) when you’re on TV, sitting with the President, giving a speech, speaking in court, or being arrested.
  8. Call your local radio station and convince them that a story you read here is true.

If you can do even one of the above, you’ll be making a direct contribution to our efforts to keep our public officials under scrutiny, while having a laugh.

Also it might help with my tinnitus, which has me hearing constant tones in my ears.

Many thanks


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Please help us reach our audience.

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