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Please help us reach our audience. founder Marcus Nott, is a hack with a career following religious and political stories.  Sometimes he writes them too.  With a certificate from Harvard Senior High, he holds himself to an impeccable standard of truth and journalistic integrity.  As a youth, he discovered the truthiest truths were the ones told to him by people he trusted. He’d, retell them in a more interesting but less accurate manner so that others would also listen.  Thus his erroneous career began.

With the prevalence of fake news in the Trump era, the importance of truthiness is even more important than ever.  But Trump era genuine truth is uber depressing…. so yeah..

Nottnews is filled with humorous post-facts and entertaining alternative-truths.  It is 100% made up.  There are some horrifying coincidences, but that says more about the world than it does about us.

It is not news.  At all.  It is comedy. It is for entertainment purposes.   We yank on public figures.  Any names used beyond those of public figures are purely fictional, although you have my sincere apologies if your name is really Tug McBiggun.

Those suffering from an inability to appreciate satire should avoid reading the articles on this site.

Please consume this as it was intended.

Marcus Nott has extension x9393

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Please help us reach our audience.

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