Trump declares, then rescinds new public holiday.

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President Trump used a visit to a local McDonalds today to announce that he would make future election days a public holiday.

“Our great democracy needs its citizens to be able to participate, legally and freely, in our great democracy” he announced.

What followed next was unexpected at first, until you begin to think about it a bit.

As the President was making his address, an aide rushed from the group of supporters behind the President and whispered rapidly in his ear.  The microphone only faintly overhead the words “insane idea knucklehead” before the president put his hand over it to hide the remainder of the conversation.  Trump appears to say to the aide the words “why the hell not?” while looking exasperated.

No doubt the aide will have been explaining to the president that if voters could actually vote, the republican party would never be elected again.

A puzzled President Trump turned back to the crowd and continues “Well I thought it was a great idea, but maybe another time.  Hillary would have made you work weekends though, that’s for sure!” apparently not noticing the venue was filled with Saturday staff still at work.

A reporter in the crowd called out “Mr President, As the leader of our nation, surely you have the power to control your policy position and that of your party! “

Trumps response:  “Wrong, Take a hike, you’re fired”, again apparently not realising the wheelchair bound reporter could not easily leave nor was under any obligation to.

Shares in McDonalds rose slightly.

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