Vast Gas Clouds Function as a Neural Network

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Researchers at the Mormon Institute of Technology today announced that they had detectable proof that the giant gas clouds of outer space could be capable of rudimentary thought.

The scientists were working with datasets captured from Hubble’s deep field survey camera system, with its new capabilities added in 2009.

Researchers found the charged particles that make up the interstellar gas clouds interact with each other electrically, even over the significant distances found in space.  As the particles change state and motion, they force others to do so as well, but only if the energy transferred exceeds a specific threshold unique to each particle and accumulated over time.

This is the same behaviour found in self learning neural networks.

Implications are extreme.

The simple vastness of the gas clouds puts the number of participating particles at a dozen orders of magnitude higher than the number of neurons in human brains, giving the giant gas clouds potentially unlimited intelligence.

As light can also interact with these particles, its possible the gas clouds could see, or have other sensory structures.

The consciousness debate is still raging, but if true, it could mean there really is an omnipotent god that can watch over you, and did create the universe – all stars are formed from a collapsing gas cloud.

This new field of “Conscious Cloud” science is intriguing both scientists and religious followers alike who now may have a basis in reality for some of their claims.

Scientists meanwhile are trying to determine what are the limits of these gas clouds and whether they can be reproduced under the gravity and pressure of earth and if so, how much gas is needed, with some speculating that there is enough entropy in the average bottom burp to naturally form an intellect of a six year old child.

Time will tell if we need to worry about the rights of gaseous lifeforms, or if we really only need to fear an all seeing, all knowing giant fart in the sky.


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