PM Malcolm Turnbull takes the lead on Trumps immigration

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After years of political non-leadership, Australian Prime Minister has finally taken a stand on an issue.

PM Turnbull: Not sure how to get out of this one.

Turnbull, who came to power by toppling the universally unpopular conservative elected PM Tony Abbott, has made a name for himself by avoiding any kind of leadership that might disturb his tenuous grip on the PM’s office.  Turnbull, has carefully sat on the fence during issue after issue, including his own campaign promises, and hugely popular issues enjoying 85% support within the electorate.

Today, when pressed on his thoughts about Trumps unconstitutional immigration ban, Turnbull sidestepped the issue saying its not his job as a leader of the world to hold an opinion of the actions of other countries.  Reporters correctly pointed out that many of the worlds western leaders had already made public statements about Trump’s controversial position.  As the follow up questions continued Turnbull finally relented, saying “Look, It takes true guts to sit and stay silent on important issues like this.  Any old Angela Merkel or Francois Hollande can wave around their weighty opinions at the risk of swaying their public’s perception, but I’m taking a stand on this.  For far too long, leaders have used their positions to influence their countries, and I think it has to stop.  We’re in a good place right now, so lets just drop it.  So if its fine with everyone here I might call and end to this press conference.  Would that be OK?”

Malcolm Turnbull’s Mum


The PM then continued to avoid answering at least another 5 questions before an elderly lady came out, handing him a call on a mobile phone and leading him away from the crowd.

Opposition Leader, Billmond Shorten was unable to come to the door when we visited his mums house for a comment as he had not finished his peas.

Unable to come out and play

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