Trump in road rage spitting incident

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Frustrated by continuing poor performance, record low approval ratings and now health issues, the President today lashed out at Police escorting his motorcade.   The motorcade was accompanying Trump to a WWF match at Park Stadium.  Immediately following the altercation, secret service agents fanned through the witnesses, confiscating mobile phones and cameras.  Our witness deftly deep-sixed her phone and was able to provide the picture that accompanies this article.   Originally advertised to us as video of the event, she apparently thought she was recording a clip, but only a standard still frame was there.  Way to use your phone lady.

Trump’s assault on the police included throwing four wild swings that came nowhere near their targets and he threw his purse at a mounted officer, also missing his target.  Trump then began a shouting a veritable swear salad, before trying to spit on the officers.  The spittle did not manage to leave his lip and eventually it blobbed onto the presidential coat.   In fact, the ordeal lasted a full 75 seconds before police even noticed what he was doing and notified his Mum, Mike Pence, to come take him home.

Mrs Pence’ response to the officers description of Trump’s actions caused her to apparently “lose her shit” causing the damage to the vehicle seen in the image.   The Vice President then made screaming allegations that that police overstepped their authority when dealing with her child and the VP was arrested at the scene for disturbing the peace.

Insiders predict that Pence’s connections to officials will protect Trump from additional negative coverage this event.  Key information has already been removed from the official story, including the fact that the President was not wearing any pants, and that the rear bagginess of his undies was evident.  Plenty of room was available at the front.   It it not known why the half naked president was outside of Carforce-One, or what triggered the attack.

Phones taken from bystanders were not returned, but at least some were available on eBay at the time of publishing.

Pence smashed this police cruiser while defending her son Donald.

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