Trump Agrees To Appear On Biggest Loser

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A new show will be aired on NBC this weekend, titled The Real Biggest Loser.

The presentation plays on the success of NBC’s existing Biggest Loser reality series – an innovative format show intended to encourage fat Americans out of their armchairs and into some healthy habits.  First aired in 2004, it was a ratings success, with new contestants each year undergoing amazing transformations.

But in fact, the new program is not about weight loss, but a once off documentary better suited to the history channel.

Titled The Real Biggest Loser, the documentary aims to identify the worlds biggest genuine loser.  Loser as in dipshit.

There’s no mystery here and no surprise ending.  Its Trump.  And we all know it.

The documentary was compiled by Jerry Manderin, who Trump hired to produce a video biography of his life.  Trump didn’t pay the producers fees though, so the story is fair game.

The show covers Trumps life and all the crappy lies he tells himself about how great he is.

The Real Biggest Loser airs at 7:30pm central on NBC.

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