Trump Names Self As Supreme Court Nominee

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You just cant make this stuff up.

With his first week in office resulting in 20 executive orders issued and 20 executive orders retracted or challenged in court, Trump has clearly recognised that he faces a shortage of power to drive through his incredible reforms.

So, with Dems fighting back against his original nomination of 49yo Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, expected to serve over 30 years for conservatives, Republicans are hinting at using a nuclear option to get their man through.

The nuclear option refers to when Republicans change the rules of the house to overcome Democratic resistance to terrible ideas.  The GOP needs to get 60% of votes to make the appointment, but crazily needs only 50% of votes to change the rules saying how many votes they need.

The people tend to not like too many major rule changes like that, so its rare that it gets done.

But, if you’re going to piss people off, you might as well get something for it, so the apparent thinking goes.

Trump has suggested that the house go nuclear, change the vote requirement to 50%, then embed Trump himself as the latest Supreme Court Justice, making liberal blood turn ice cold across the world.

Trumps qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice are unique.  He has been in a courtroom more times that most judges in his home state of New York, and his connections with the mob would come in handy.

Republicans played down the idea.  “Its just an idea at the moment, just relax.  But no-one has more respect for the law than Trump”, said a Republican caller who sounded like Trump but claimed his name was John.

If Trump were to cement himself on the Supreme Court, he would hold decisive power until his death.

With potentially two more Supreme Court vacancies in the next four years, Trump may be a position to put daughter Ivanka or weird sons Derek and Igor into positions of lifetime power as well.

At the time of writing, online betting agencies had odds of Trump nominating himself to the Court at 7:1.

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