Trumps Secret For Getting Things Done…. Gravity And Lure Of A Burger.

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Dazzled at the lightning pace this new administration delivers blow after terrible blow to our beloved USA, business experts gathered to try and decipher Trumps secrets to getting so much done.

Despite hurdles such as the constitution, opposition from legal teams, advisers and this own party, Trump seems to defy the odds.

Now, the business analysts think they’ve worked it out.

Trump had the White House refurbished during his inauguration, and had a gentle slope installed.  Now when Trump wakes, he can gently coast downhill through his bathroom, and into the first of his many meetings.  Cafeterias are now installed in between every room, and Trump can see that tasty treat from his position.

He knocks out a quick meeting, signs some stuff put under his nose, and then wafts downhill to a tasty snack.

The Presidents coasting style has some administration officials peeved.  “It really screws with the scheduling.  Everything moves east to west every day.”.

“We were trying to solve a problem with the bar fridge for a meeting with Nazi leader, Richard Spencer, and someone suggested going back the meeting room we just came from.  We just got told that Trump doesn’t go uphill.”

If a meeting is close to morning recess or nap time, Trump sometimes just sails past calling out “Yep”, miffing leaders who had spent days planning around the event.

While some officials called it “coasting” others preferred “swanning” or “drifting”, while others used terms like “wafting”, “billowing” or “arseing”.

At the end of the day at the bottom of the slope, he is collected by Marine-1 and choppered back up to the top for bedtime.

So if you’re looking for ways to improve your productivity at home or at work, harness the power of gravity.

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