We Should Honour Trump. He’s Had Huge Success For Someone Who Can’t Read.

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I suddenly like Trump.  A man who has suffered through criticism after criticism.  A man who beat out the best the Republican establishment has to offer.  A man who has succeeded where every single person has told him he would fail. A man who defied the odds, time and time again.

And he can’t read.

Which makes his success even more profound.

I’m sure he can read a little..  He can detect his own name, and is probably able to identify the the short common words with three or four letters.  And he’s worked out some tremendous ways to avoid reading.

There exists dozens of pieces of evidence that supports this.  Look at any video where he is supposed to read.  He looks confused, stalls for time, lawyers intervene, someone else explains it for him.  He’s like a child learning to read – looking at the picture and then making up sentences that started with the same first word.  He never actually reads though.

He didn’t want to bone up for debates.  He doesn’t want to read intelligence reports.

He doesn’t seem to know what executive orders he is signing – he’s asking others to introduce them.

During the primaries, he was constantly going “off script”, he bragged about not using the teleprompter.

He couldn’t read from the Bible in front of an audience, and the verses he claims are his favourite don’t exist.

He doesn’t seem to know the contents of the constitution.

He seems to not understand what he sometimes retweets – satire site TheOnion for example.

Writers on SNL recall a table-read with Trump of a show with Trump hosting, and he steadfastly resisted reading his parts of the script as host.  In one skit, Trump’s line is part of a joke and needed him to read it.  He managed to chew the words out, but the effect of the punctuation was gone, and with it, the punchline.  The laughter in the room was at him, not at the joke.

He can tweet though – by using his secretary (not Siri, a real person).   He doesn’t tweet himself because he quotes  from The Art of the Deal – “time is money”.   Except no such phrase exists in the book that he wrote.   And of course we now know that The Art of the Deal was written by Tony Schwartz, and I’ll guess it hasn’t been read by Trump himself.

A selection of books Trump hasn’t read.

But I’m guessing his fourth grade language skills aren’t a clever ploy to reach out to constituents, I think they are all he’s got and he’s gotten lucky that his word salad allows many people to hear a phrase they like and side with him.  After all, he’s been on both sides of every argument he’s had.

Schwartz followed Trump around for 18 months to learn about the man and his opinion was that he’d be surprised if Trump had ever read a book cover to cover in his life.

So I like Trump.  It makes the magnitude of what he has achieved so much bigger.  It explains why he is so easily manipulated by the people around him. It explains his unhealthy addition to talkshow tv.   It even explains Betsy DeVos to a large extent.  What real value is education, if you can be Prez without being able to read.

I disagree with much of what he is being manipulated to do, but I like him for gaining so much while being so disadvantaged.

So I like…er..  respect Trump for that.

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