Comedian Writes Spoof Politics Page. Turns Out To Be Real.

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What a time we live in.

Modern Politics

Modern Politics.

Of all the things we have to worry about, why is it that a satirical piece of text, written in jest, happens to suddenly become the subject of life imitating art?  This is happening too many times to ignore.

Its a scary thing when you make up some terrible crap about a politician, and then it turns out he’s gone and done it.  Talk about raising the bar.  Or lowering the standard.

We write this stuff to get a laugh out of the crazy days.  I expect our political leaders to act with professionalism and moral integrity.

Is it too much to expect from our leaders that they not go out and perform hideous acts, that just happen to align with my terrible imagination.  If they act as badly as I write, then I’m no longer a comedian, I’m just a bad journo.

Maybe that’s their point.


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