Cory Bernardi Follows In Trumps Footsteps – Wants A Relationship With Putin.

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Cory Bernardi, Australias most 1930’s politician, famed bigot, public hypocrite and all round ass-hat has played his hand in the Liberal Club today and walked out, hoping to congeal the worst of the party’s conservatives into one putrid pile, creating a new party – The Australian Conservatives, presumably named after a jam sold in his electorate of Kumjamwunupme.

Bernardi, who famously pushed for the right to legally offend people and who then sued a group who offended him with a sign, has made a career of poisonous statements, and holds his seat in the senate by virtue of the fact that he’s a member of one of the two major parties.  If Australians were aware of his positions on education, children’s safety, and bestiality, I’m sure he’d be removed from office in the shortest timeframe.

Richard Prior portraying Cory Bernardi in the movie “Who Is That Asshole?”

But Bernardi  has sensed that the population wants a change, after being told so by Tony Abbott.  Abbott, Australia’s least popular PM in the history of democracy, was PM so briefly he had to hope that Turnbull would forward his eBay packages to his new address.

But Australian’s are tired of the two major parties.  The Libs are evil, and Labor are foolish.  The inept Turnbull is all talk and no action, and Shorten can’t seem to talk to the public without sounding like he’s on Play School.  Neither man has described a passionate vision for the country.  Turnbull’s “Rich Mans Paradise” stinks of elitism and Shorten’s “What About Shorten” is too short sighted for most people.

Bernardi’s strategy is simple.  Copy Trump, and hope Australians are as gullible as American republican voters.  One Nation has already shown some are.  Bernadi hopes to take many of those voters.

One Nation leader, simple Fart in a Handbag, Pauline Pantsdown said it was “up to Cory to do whatever democracy wanted him to do”.  One would think a national leader in her position would exaggerate the impact he would have on his old Liberal party, and lie about the effect he would have on One Nation.  But she doesn’t roll with the facts.  She’s a rambler.  Nothing to see here.

So next taxi off the rank for Bernardi is a love affair with Russia.  He’s already homophobic, misogynistic and minority suppressing.  ASIO are already investigating the size of his hands for a connection.  But Putin is on the chum short list. Putin’s interference in the American elections lead to Trump, and Bernardi now hopes it will lead to him to power.

For the genuine conservatives reading this, Bernardi is on the record as idolising the phrase “Screw the national interest – I want to get re-elected”.  He’s not here for you – he pays lip service to god. His party slogan was very nearly Cory Bernardi For Cory Bernardi.

And with grass roots activists like Get-Up managing to remove 5 of the 6 worst representatives  in the last election – the 6th being Bernardi who only just scraped in – his new Australian Conservatives party is simply a ploy to try and stay employed.

It’s yet to be seen who will win the Bernardi Party vs One Nation punch up.


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