Colin Barnett: “We’re Boned”

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West Australian Liberals today are in chaos today as the leader of the party all but conceded defeat in a private conversation overhead at a Perth coffee shop.

A man, looking a lot like WA Premier Colin Barnett, was seen having a quiet coffee at Chocolate Foam in Perth’s western suburbs with three presumably Liberal Party colleagues when he uttered the words “Well, we’re boned”.

The conversation that led up to the statement was not heard, and the four men got up and left without saying anything further.

A man similar to Colin Barnett

The men did not pay for their food on the way out.

A spokesman for Mr Barnett emphasised that the contentious statement was not made by Mr Barnett, that he was not having a coffee this morning, and that to his knowledge there was no such cafe in the area.  He further asserted that the Liberal party had an excellent chance at the state election.

WA Opposition Leader, Mark Someone, apparently jumped on the news.

“I would also like to state my fondness for that particular coffee shop.” He idled.

Political analysts viewed the exchange as a missed opportunity for Mr Someone, who is suffering from a severe lack of name recognition. has no political affiliation and remains an independent and uninformed voice.


UPDATE:  the leader of the WA Opposition is Mark McGowan, according to satire site:


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