Mundine In Perth To Front Green. Gets Beaten Senseless By Heroic Airport Security.

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Mundine is a cockhead.

Nobody likes him.

Everyone just wants to see someone punch his lights out.  He’s got a face that’s asking for it, and he just wont shut up.

That’s why this week, travellers at Perth Airport were provided with some very satisfying pre-flight entertainment.

Mundine, who was not drunk and who appeared in total control of himself was being a typical dickhead to staff.  Chin jutted out, profanities flowing, he began prodding a female security employee in the chest.  Another employee walked over to assist the girl but she dismissed him.   Mundine gave her a shove, and she responded with a lightning fast left upper straight on his chin.

The blow stunned Mundine, and lined him up for the killer – a massive right hook from the diminutive guard knocked at least one tooth from the notorious shit talker’s mouth and sent him face first into the tiling.

As he went down, she buried her right Gucci into his sack.

The devastating combo showed that Mundine’s weak spot is his head.  Followed by his balls.

The applause that broke out was long, emotional and punctuated by cheering, whistling and backslapping.  Onlookers were a satisfied people, finally getting some social justice.  This type of unity is rarely seen in the modern era.

Someone, presumably Mundine’s mum, came over and took his wallet.

Airport staff dragged “the man” out by the dumpsters and called him a cop car.

Mundine recently lost a controversial fight to Danny Green, after somehow avoiding disqualification for punching Green in the back of the head while he was talking to the ref.

The female guard who put Mundine on his arse is now a Perth hero.

WA Police who arrived on the scene were spotted giving the unconscious Mundine a few test punches, to make sure he was ok.

Hopefully Perth Airport releases some footage from CCTV.  I’d love to see it again.


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