Trump Disappointed Melania Can’t Walk Around Naked On Air Force One.

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President Trump today signed an executive order that would legally allow wife Melania to travel on Air Force One naked.

Trump is well used to flying in luxury, with his own TRUMP branded Boeing 757 being custom made to suit his special tastes.

Air Force One, the heavily modified Boeing 747 is all business, and is the travelling home and office for the President and always several others.

Trump would always have to scale back his exuberant lifestyle to be more presidential, but he’s always felt a little above the rest.

Melania is also having trouble adjusting to the change.

Trumps 757 had an undressing room where the woman employed to be Trumps wife would strip off in preparation for the flight.  While Air Force One is equipped with private areas for the President and the first lady, there is no pre-flight strip off room where Melania could get ready.

“I have to make naked in kitchen.” she said, “Everyvone see my coochie. I no like so much. ”

Others on Air Force One insist the First Lady has it all wrong.

“This is a place of business, not a private strip club.  He might be President, but he still needs to respect the rest of us.  Melania needs to stay in the President’s private quarters, and maybe his ready room.”

Trump kept his own comments brief. “Can you believe it?  I asked for XXL bowls on the toilets and they only fitted XL.  They’re asking for a mess. Melania could strip off in the cockpit if she wanted.  Not a bright girl but very very hot. We’ll get more girls later.  This order will get us more girls.”



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