Trump Confuses Mike Pence with “My Pants” In Chat With Canadian PM.

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In an uncomfortable exchange with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Trump again showed how ill-equipped he is to carry out the duties of the President.

Trudeau, calmly as ever, suggested to Trump that he would prefer to deal with Mike Pence instead as Trump’s gaping intellectual shortfall was clearly showing when standing side by side with polyglot Trudeau.  Whether is was the accent or just simple stupidity, Trump appeared to mishear the Chief Canadian, and answered with a ridiculous statement.  “Sure, bathroom is over there.  I had the toilet bowls enlarged and gold plated.  Go take your time.”

Nottnews’ intellectual deficiency expert Warren Ediocy speculated that Trump may have thought Trudeau said he would “prefer to deal with my pants”.  Warren says that individuals with limited intelligence often mishear people, especially when they’ve tuned out as Trump is inclined to do.

Trudeau, as a seasoned diplomat didn’t point out Trump’s error, but he did point out that Trump had left his pants zipper down, and had toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

He declined a Trump handshake by saying he had a cold and didn’t want to give it to the President, but anonymous White House sources say its pretty obvious Trump doesn’t wash his hands after a bathroom break.

“Mr Trudeau probably worked that out.” she said.

Trudeau carefully sniffs hand after Trump handshake


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