NOT ME!: Trump Shows Foreign Leaders “Who’s The Boss” TV Sitcom

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President Trump’s latest attempt to project power on the international stage has gone unsurprisingly awry.

He is believed to have given inexperienced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson the instruction to show foreign leader whose the boss.

Tillerson is understood to have take this literally, arranging a White House screening of the popular 80’s TV series for the visiting dignitaries instead of showing them whose boss as Trump presumably meant.

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau was overheard saying “It was great when I was a kid, but hardly appropriate now.”

Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu explained to reporters that he enjoyed seeing the two episodes and it was a nice change from normal diplomatic activies.

The two episode shown to the 30 leaders and diplomats were “Rash Decision” where Tony ends up being in a commercial, and “Sorority Sister” where Angela’s friend wants to get it on with Tony.

We contacted Tony Danza for comment.  He said “Ey Oh Oh Ey” before we hung up.

Rex Tillerson was seen trying to show off his collection of Transformers toys after the screening had ended.


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