MUSK: SpaceX Tech To Be Used In Next Gen Tesla

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Technology superstar, Elon Musk, today announced that he would be combining some elements of SpaceX and Tesla’s revolutionary products to maintain their lead in their respective industries.

SpaceX, a futuristic space delivery company with self landing, reusable boosters and super cool multi-satellite dispenser systems will be the first to integrate some Tesla tech. Features from the Model-X to find their way into the Falcon9 will include autonomous navigation, self closing boot, and Tesla’s summon feature which would allow the driver to summon the rocket to his location in the event that its raining. The Tesla’s luxurious leather seats are also expected to find their way into the top spec Falcon 9.

Tesla’s unannounced new electric car, likely called the Model E – with S and X already used, will feature a revised version of the SpaceX Merlin engine and key elements of the auto-land system. The Model E is also expected to have an upgraded towing capacity, enough to bring 22 tonnes to transfer orbit when Ludicrous Mode is enabled.

Industry commentators have largely welcomed the announcement, with most happy to see Musk’s two tech titans working more closely.

“Tesla’s Summon feature is really handy on a rocket in the rain. We’ve been waiting for that one for a long time.” one said.

But not everyone is happy. Tech warriors insist that Musk has not gone far enough. One went as far as saying: “I was hoping to see Telsa’s Ludicrous Mode transferred to the Falcon 9. Its really the only way to get to Mars.”

Another felt that adding a satellite dispenser system to his Tesla would help him drop off the kids during the school rush hour.  “Those things can pop out 16 satellites while going full tilt.  The freeway goes right past my kid’s school. It would have been perfect. Maybe next model.”

Exxon spokesperson Mary D’Tuoyle was disappointed neither SpaceX nor Tesla had read their latest blog on the environmental benefits of oil.

“You again?! Get the hell out of my building! I’m calling the cops.” She quoted as we tried to enter her apartment.

SpaceX shares rose 4% on the news.  Tesla was up 3%.

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