President Trump Is Unconsciously Incompetent. Blames Pills For Sore Balls.

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There are four stages to competency in any profession.  Some are benign and can be worked through, some can be fatal and the employee must be removed. The two others are normal and healthy development.

In reversing order for reasons of dramatic explanation, they are:

Consciously Competent:.  This is what we hope to achieve over years of experience.  Someone knows exactly what they are doing, and they know they are good at it.  They have mastered full command of all the tools of the trade and will have already mentored others.

Unconsciously Competent:  This stage comes after working at it for a long time.  You get things done, but you see others as better in your field.  However, other people in your field see you as an expert already, even though you might not think it.  The best people to work with and for generally fall in this category.

Consciously Incompetent:  This is the “Oh shit” moment of any job, when you suddenly understand the entire magnitude of what you have to do.  You realise there are hundreds of things you’re doing wrong, and dozens of things you’ve never even considered.  This is when you seek help, and you work really hard to develop the skills one by one to get better in the eyes of your peers.  You are not at this level just because the job looks harder than you expected.

Unconsciously Incompetent:  This is where Trump is in the role of President.  Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You’re a fat lazy blowhard who likes spouting off about things you have no idea about, because you think they can’t be that hard.  Somehow you landed the job and you swan about the place telling people how great you are and wondering why everyone thinks you’re terrible.  You take it personally because you have no idea about what the job really entails.  You fail to listen to any advice because that would mean you’re admitting you don’t know whats going on.

You start taking special tablets to make your farts smell nice and get orange face tans because you think that is why people don’t like you.  The pills make your balls hurt, so you lash out whenever you feel like someone is picking on you. Everyone seems to be making fun of you, and its because you really suck at your job and refuse to take advice.  If you start to listen to people, and can accept healthy criticism, then you can make it to the next stage and begin to improve.

An employee who was accidentally hired in this stage and refuses to leave it must be removed.

In business, all new employees have a probation period.  Its a shame no such period exists in politics.


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