NBNCo reveals latest delivery model – Fibre To The Exchange

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Faced with increasing costs, a politically impotent leader and a country full of Australians demanding they do a better job, NBNCo thinks its finally onto a winner.

You have heard of Fibre To The Premises, of FTTP as the original logical choice for national infrastructure program at this scale.

The Turnbull Govt then bungled that down to FTTN, costing more, running slower and playing right into the corporate strategies of Rupert Murdock’s Fox Group. It was the technology equivalent of farting in your little brothers lunch bag then tricking him into taking a whiff.

NBNCo announced the latest way to solve the problem.  Fibre To The Exchange.

Bill Morrow, CEO of NBNCo explained.  “Fibre to the Exchange is the future for Australia.  We already have most of the technology in place.  We could reach all of Australia with 3-5 years.”

The new plans call for a fibre cable to connect each suburban exchange to each other, and homes and businesses would be connected to those exchanges by a high tech metallic strand nearly 4km long.  It would deliver speeds of nearly 1.5Mbits.  Fast enough to provide a futuristic 90’s style internet experience, and expected to stay leading edge until at least 2006.

How would you describe the NBN?

Critics of the plan say its what we had in the 1930s, and that it fails to deliver the speeds needed to propel Australia into the future. but Morrow says they are missing the point.  “NBNCo  has had a gigabit service available for nearly 5 years.  If you lived within 40 meters of a gigabit enabled rack inside an exchange and had a typical shielded cat6 cable to your home, we can provide gig connections, but we just aren’t seeing any demand from consumers.”

Asked for a quote, Malcolm Turnbull’s office responded with “NBNCo will provide access to world leading broadband speeds to those who need it.”

When asked how we can access those high speeds when there are only available to very limited properties, he added “Just have your Communications Minister install an exchange in your basement.  Thats what I did.  Its a simple scalable solution for all Australians.”

“Better still, get your entertainment from Foxtel, or watch TV….”

Shares in Telstra and Foxtel both jumped nearly 60% on the news.






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