Hillary’s Secret Evil Pizza Store Discovered – Confirming Cannibalism Rumors.

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The pizza store rumored to be Hillary Clinton’s house of horrors has been discovered.

Barry’s Pizza And Finger Food Emporium in Squatsville, Mississippi was the site where Hillary Clinton was rumored to have attempted to transform into beast form and devour four homeless orphan children collected from nearby streets.  The children were rumored to have been touched inappropriately before being eaten whole.  John Podesta was there too, and it was a nasty sounding event.

Investigations show Obama issued a licence to Barry’s Pizza And Finger Food Emporium allowing them to serve children, making him complicit in Hillary’s pact with the devil and her murderous deeds.

Clinton’s beast form looks something like a giant horse shadow with big teeth, bat like wings, and terrible shrieking and squealing going on. She only eats white children for some reason.  Probably for branding purposes.  She can only transform when she sees a bleeding child.  She has to eat at least one before she can transform back to her human disguise.

Three of the children were consumed in the horrific ritual, with only one escaping to tell the awful tale when she got home from school.  Her name was withheld to prevent further scrutiny.  She had no injuries and was giggling and playing happily with friends.

While no evidence exists to confirm any elements of the story, the fact that the pizza parlor has been discovered proves that everything bad about Hillary was true.

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