Internet Demands Trump Show Us His D**k (video)

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Following last months FBI raid on Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort uncovering an illicit haul of Trump branded penis pumps, calls for Trump to come clean on the extent of the association have been on the rise.

Trump made a lot of comments about his “junk” during the campaign, repeatedly making significant promises about its lack of problems.

Trump had good reason to think he’d never get elected, and could get away with the campaign lies,  but now he’s the President and he has to follow through.

Normally, no-one wants a dick pic, but Trump made a lot of promises, and if he wants us to believe, he should back it up with some evidence.  Not that we’re expecting to see anything like proof from the small handed authoritarian.

The demand comes after North Korea’s defiant response to Trumps nuclear threat, and revelations he needs a fluffer to get him through the day.

Watch the below video campaign, urging the unpopular leader to do what everyone else shouldn’t.

Warning..  they say the D word a lot, so possibly NSFW, but still cleaner than most of the stuff Trump has said.


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