Pence Goes Blackface In Support Of Charlottesville Victims

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Caught dancing around a bucket of donor cash wearing blackface at a privately run 2020 Pence for President fundraiser, a man looking suspiciously like the Vice President was having a great time.

Pence in support of Charlottesville

“This is my way of raising awareness of the things that go down in Charlottesville.” he said.   “I hope those boys get whats coming to them”

When pressed on who and what he meant,  Pence insisted he needed to go and get a cool glass of lemonade.


NottNews wants to express its genuine sympathy for the victims of race violence in the Charlottesville events.  Trump’s administration has not done enough to denounce the white supremacists and hate groups that have gathered there.  There is no room in our society for that kind of evil.  Our grandfathers fought a world war against the Nazi’s to prevent this.   KKK be damned!  And the GOP too if it sits on its hands.

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