Marriage Equality Postal Vote Forms Almost Certainly To Be Available On Ebay

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How much is your vote worth?  What value do you place on someone else’s vote?

These may be just thought experiments for the moment, but with preparations underway for the Liberal National Coalition postal plebiscite / survey on marriage equality, we are seeing some of the less predictable outcomes beginning to emerge.

Historically, postal votes only gain 50% participation rate, which leaves about 7 million votes remaining un-cast.

In 1997, when the Constitutional Convention was performed via postal vote, those un-cast votes will have ended up in the trash, or under a pile of bills.

These days, with everything being digital and online, we have much better places to dispose of our junk.  Ebay, Craigslist, Gumtree and other will all peddle unwanted items.

Whether you want one or not, all voting Australians will receive in the mail an opportunity to say whether we are a modern, tolerant, equality based country.  And sadly many people dont care.  Some will chuck the vote in the bin. Some will use them correctly.  Some will put theirs up for sale.

That means that if you know where to look, you can get more of a say.   Or this can be used to point out the ridiculousness of this process.

Maybe ask your garbage collector, or the local municipal dump operator how he will be voting.  I think he’ll have an unusually loud voice.


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