Charlottesville Nazis Named In Nottnews Exclusive. Do you know any?

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Nottnews IT guy, Jason, has revealed he has a list of names of the Charlottesville Nazis.   I asked him how he got the names and he said a bunch of IT mumbo jumbo which made no sense to this reporter.  In fact, my eyes glazed over.  Something about facial reprobation.

Anyway, here are the names.

Billy Bob.  Billy Ray.  Billy Jean.  Billy Bo.  Billy Jim.  Billy Willy.  Billy Sam Bob.  Billy Ray Bob.  Billy Billy Bob.  Billy J Bob.  Jilly B Billy.   Billy Jean Bob.   Billy Silly Willy.   Billy Bell.  Bally Bell.  Belly Balls.  Billy Bob Balls. Billy Lou.  Billy Lou Bob.  Billy Jim Lou.  Billy Bang Bob. Billy Jim Lou. Billy Lou Jimmy.  Billy Jimmy Jam.  Billy Jam Balls.  Billy Bit Balls. Billy Ball Bait. Billy B BIlly.  Hilly Bill Billy.  B.Billy.   H.Billy.  Billy One. B.Billy.Jr.  Billy Junior. Billy Bob Junior.  Junior Willy.  and William H Billy Esquire.

Wooah, thats a lot of Billy.

Jason reckoned it was just pages of Billy’s.

      Jason got the names from a class of Billy’s from the Billy Appreciation Society of West Billyville.  – ed.

If you’re a Billy and you want to join the Nazi Billy-thon going on in the South, then you should think twice.  They have a no-duplicate-names policy.

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