Breitbart News Hacked! Content Now Racist Articles And Hate Speech.

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Breitbart News is struggling to recover from a massive hack of its online magazine.  The controversial news site appears to have lost control of its own servers and content, with page after page of racist articles and hate speech now peppering the site, once known best for its beard grooming advice.

Steve Bannon, known as Stephenial Bannonberg to friends in his native New York, recently returned to the beard lovers site as Chief Editor, and the hack to the site has impacted them severely.  NottNews spoke with Bannon about the hack.

“We are definitely not a race bait and hate site.  We have the highest proportion of Jews and African Americans on the payroll of any independent media.  Why our only whities other than me, are Billy Bob and Billy Jim, our IT guys. Them boys know what they’re doing.  Must have squirrels in the pipes.”

Breitbart’s beard cream sponsor – BeardSexCo – said it was withdrawing their advertisements from the controversial site.

Breitbart’s IT provider – HillTech BillyTech – offered no response when we approached them for comment at their ‘gator farm in Mississippi.  We peered through the gaps in the gate made from welded together pick-up truck tailgates, but all we could see was some hanging skunk and gators on the porch.  A Brietbart sticker was patching a crack in the building window while a sign swung in the breeze, offering ‘gator juice for 3 bucks a mug.

We at Nottnews hope Breitbart recover swiftly, and return to bringing us excellent advice for our beard maintenance.

You can see the hack here.

update August 31, 2017:  Breitbart site still appears covered in racist articles and hateful language despite having it brought to their attention over two weeks ago.  We’d suggest Breitbart get a new IT provider such as the one uses.

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Brilliant beard by Breitbart

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