Trump Popularity Surges After Strong Week

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Thank you Mr President!  After continual and unrelenting fake news media attacks on President Trump, the latest polls are in.  And its good news for the Trump.

Trumps excellent responses to the Charlottesville massacre and the USS John McCain accident, a new independent poll by Nottnewsmedia reveals the President’s position has improved substantially.

Among the general population, Trump (54%) maintains a lead over Hillary Clinton(41%), if she’d done the same stuff.

Among spineless people, Trump increased his lead to 62%, and a whopping 92% of people with consciousness impairing brain diseases now support Trump.

People turned away from polls and unable to vote, have increased their vote for Trump to 88%.

Trumps hands have even grown to near adult size.


Not going up.

ok.. still reading?

Trump is actually on his face with his ass in the air.  He’s going down faster than a prostitute with a mortgage.  Which I think is a fairly apt analogy considering his debt and recent cow-towing to Moscow.

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