Trump Say His Administration is “Like That Dress….”

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President Donald Trump declared today that his Administration, rife with conflict, paralysed with scandal, and astoundingly incompetent is actually “like that internet dress..  I see it as gold and white but everyone else sees blue and black.” Presumably like the bruises he’s leaving on the American Dream.

Trump claims that the crimes he’s committing against the country, via the theft of its wealth, the destruction of its agencies and the ruin to its reputation are all not crimes because he’s the President and he can’t do anything wrong.  He’s under the (incorrect) impression that whatever he does is legal purely because he is President… which should be fun to watch come to a cataclysmic end.

Trump continued, “I fired 300 people because of that dress..   But that’s us you see..  we are doing tremendous work.. but you all think its bad just because it looks bad.  But its not.. believe me..  If it was bad you’d know it..  its like the dress.. you don’t know whats going on.”

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