Trump’s Hot Air Finally Causes Real Hurricane. 2 Dead.

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Trump not sure what a hurricane is, but sounds legit.

Hurricane Harvey, the biggest weather event in Texas in over 50 years has killed at least two and damaged the property of thousands of others.

Your typical hurricane is powered by rising columns of warm spinning air over the ocean, creating the iconic spiralling towers of wind and water.  When that hurricane hits land, all hell breaks loose on anyone who happens to live nearby.  Floods, upended houses and cars, acres of destruction.

In this case, meteorologists at the National Forecasting Institute have found that Hurricane Harvey was created not from warm air over the ocean, but by all that hot air coming from notable blowhard – President Trump.

Trumps tremendous capacity to breathe out bullsh-t is thought to have initiated the hurricane several weeks ago, and his bluster over Charlottesville is thought to have boosted the cyclone to a category 5.

Wyndon Circles, Chief Air Guy at the NFI stated categorically that Hurricane Harvey was 100% caused by Trump’s gusts, and that he was backed by the science.  He also pointed out that the weather forecasters get it wrong all the time, and that its possible the hurricane was caused by Mike Pence trying really hard not to get caught in Trump’s scandals.

Hurricane Harvey In Trump’s fave color.

NASA image of Hurricane Harvey as seen through special glasses.

Truck tipped over during a blast from Trumps hurricane

Flooding, possibly caused by Mike Pence.

A pimpmobile in the gutter, probably from the hurricane.

We at NottNews will be donating all proceeds from our advertising this month to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Our thoughts are with you.

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