Man Walks 160km Through Outback. Drinks Urine Instead Of Fosters.

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When Bill Mason rolled his vehicle in the Australian outback he began what would turn out to be a remarkable journey through adversity.

The 21 year old was returning from his work in regional Northern Territory when he rolled his vehicle over trying to avoid wild camels on the road.

Unhurt in the accident, but 160km from the nearest town, he decided to walk for help.

The journey that took him two days to perform was made that much harder without food or water.

To survive, Mr Mason had to drink his own urine, Territory Police said.

In an interview with NottNews, Bill said it was one of the more challenging things he’d ever done.

“I had a six pack of Fosters with me for my granddad, but I won’t drink that swill”  he said “If I’d drunk it, my mates would have crucified me.   I’ll drink a mug of me own warm piss before I commit that sin.”

Paramedics at Darwin Hospital said that  Mason was never at any risk and could have made the journey without resorting to drinking urine. “He’d have been thirsty, but was never at risk of death from dehydration.  I think he just likes the taste.”

Mates of Mason who consented to being interviewed said he’d even taken a final sip while in sight of the township, with one speculating he’d had the accident on purpose to create the opportunity.

A spokesperson for Fosters strongly recommended the beer for outback emergencies, and implied that Mason might have been “taking the piss” when talking about his dislike for the beer.


NottNews enjoys Foster’s when visiting our grandfathers.  And Paul Hogan liked it too.


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