Trump Opens Mar-A-Lago To Irma Victims Seeking Shelter.

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US President Donald Trump surprised pundits today by allowing the use of his Mar-A-Lago resort as an emergency shelter for anyone who needs refuge from the storm that most believe will be the deadliest in a century.

Hurricane Irma is expected to deliver old-testament style wrath-of-God on Floridians this weekend.

Mar-a-lago was not built by Trump, so its expected to survive the onslaught by the weather. It’s got walls of stone over three feet thick, and was designed to withstand severe wind speeds.  It is possible that Trump has “improved” the property and made it vulnerable to chance, much like he’s done with the country.

Staff were not expecting the 7000 homeless people who showed up after Trumps tweet.  Apparently they had not been briefed in advance.

Nearly 6990 of them were turned away for wearing inappropriate attire, and the remaining 10 were  asked to pay the $200000 membership fee before entering.

The chaos spilled onto the streets outside, until representatives of the White House showed up with 10,000 trump branded suits.

The newly dressed people were then allowed into the club, with the 7000 memberships being paid by the American taxpayer.

All up cost is expected to be 10K suits at $300 each, and 7000 x 200k memberships totalling 1.43 billion dollars to be paid directly to Trump.

We waited outside the Mar-a-log staff toilets to speak with a manager who was trying to hide from us.

We spoke through the  bathroom door about the fact that almost none of the new members met the membership criteria and he reassured us that as soon as the danger was over, the members would be expelled with no refund.


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