Local Man’s Tinnitus Cured When Wife Dies

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Local man, Jarred Earshot, 64, a life long sufferer of tinnitus was found to have been cured when his wife Maureen suddenly died.

Jarred and Maureen were married at age 15, and shared a lifetime together in a small house, rarely going outside.  They had no children.

Tinnitus is a persistent noise in a sufferers ear that can sound like ringing, or tones, or other continuous nuisance noises.  As many as half the population suffer from tinnitus and while there are no known cures, it can be minimised in part with noise therapy.

Maureen’s death came suddenly after she collapsed in the family kitchen after 49 years of marriage.

Emergency services vehicles still surrounded the house at the time of our reporting.

We spoke to neighbours to get an idea of their sense of loss following Maureen’s passing.

Billy Bong, who grew up next to the Earshots said “Jarrad didn’t have tinnitus.. Maureen was just real loud.  She had a voice like a baby screaming.  She sounded like a TV test channel… Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep….   We can all rest in peace now.  Bless her soul.”

Jarrad was insistent though..  “Those people who think my wife was the cause of my tinnitus can suck it.  But I’ll admit it is a coincidence that I was also cured while I was at the office.  They can just find another answer. ”

Betty Bong chimed in “Nup..  Maureen”

Update:  Is YOUR wife the cause of unpleasant noises in your ear?  Take our online test to find out.

Local Man Tinnitus Cured When Wife Dies.

Maureen before she passed away.

Maureen when she was young.

Maureen when she was young.


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