Why Some SSM YES Voters Abuse NO Voters

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A common theme in many same-sex marriage debates online is that the NO voters accuse the YES voters of hate speech, or name calling, and otherwise unpleasant language.

The NO voters typically calmly explain their bigoted view, safe in the knowledge that they are the privileged status quo with the machinery of government currently working hard to keep it that way.

YES voters commonly lose their shit at NO voters, so lets discuss that.

I was going to delve into political persuasion, age, intelligence, education and personal experiences.   But that would make a much longer and rather boring article.

The facts are these.  The vote is a debate about equal rights.  If you believe all people are equal, then you are a good person and you will vote YES.  If you vote NO, then logically you do not believe all people are equal. Your NO vote allows the community to naturally identify you as a faulty human and try to work together to remove you from that community.  That process starts with calling you names.

If you are planning on becoming a NO voter, please continue reading.  There is a way forward.

In Australia, we don’t put as much focus on mental health or education as we should.  But if we did, a better way would be to correct your obvious deficiency in one of them.

I can feel you getting defensive about this.  You were just being you, and its always happened.  You think you’ve done nothing wrong.

Well..  its not your fault anyway..  You have simply not seen enough of the world in your life.  Your parents probably haven’t either.  Nor other influential people in your life.  You’ve been brought up by bigots in a bigot family.

You will reject this theory I’m sure.  Dad was a good dad.  If you said the wrong thing, he’d beat you senseless.  And Mum was good too. She always did what Dad yelled.  How could you not turn out great?!   Even your mates can relate.  They had the same treatment.  Its what you think normal is.

Sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but you have had a terrible awful childhood, by comparison to the rest of civilised society.   Society was probably trying to get rid of your nasty Dad.  Because he was not normal.  They were trying to save you from the violence.

If you’ve been called names a lot in your life, its because there is something wrong with you, and you need to work out what it is.  Most likely, it is because you are selfish, or that you want to see others suffer.  People call you names to alert others in the area that you are there, so they can be wary of you.  Because you are a bad egg.

If you want it to stop, become a better citizen.   How?   Treat a stranger the same way you’d treat your best friend.  Treat your family like their are your idols.  Respect people doing their job like you’d want people to respect you at yours.  Treat them the way you treat you.  Demand that others treat others equally.  Use your ears more than your mouth, and imagine you are the other person.  All the time.  As a result the community will start to like you again.

Vote to restore equality in marriage. (Howard took it away in 2004 in parliament. Australia had marriage equality before then.)

Vote YES on your ballot.  Then post it.



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