Vicente Fox Announces Candidacy for US Prez. Republican Party Is Biggest Donor.

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Former Mexican President Vicente “I’m-not-going-to-pay-for-that-f**king wall” Fox has announced his candidacy to run in the 2020 US election.

Fox is better known for regularly giving Trump helpful advice on where to stick his wall.  He has released a series of entertaining youtube videos designed to pave the way for his Presidential campaign and outlining his plan to overcome the serious legal obstacles in his path.  According to a normal interpretation of the law, Fox is ineligible for President, but Trump is setting all sorts of precedents.

Who would you prefer as President?

But to quote Former President Fox, “if that worn out baseball glove tightly gripping a turd can become president, then anyone can.”

And you have to admit the charismatic Vicente is at least as entertaining as Trump.   He has a better command of English and he can land a good joke.  He’s so good that significant sections of the Republican Party are starting to get behind him for 2020.

Watch his announcement below.


Vicente Fox is the president America needs.

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