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Here’s the problem with an ordinary poll.  They always ask you a question that boxes you into answering in a manner that supports the political agenda, one way or another.   They might ask if we want Turnbull or Shorten.  We’d like to say they are both terrible, but thats not a choice.  You don’t feel like you got your message across.  Similarly, Dutton is permeating around the back rooms like the smell of a dead fish hidden behind a curtain, because no-one has told him he’s worse than Turnbull.  Abbot still thinks he can win it back.  Shorten doesn’t realise he’s more suited to a hosting role on Playschool than the top office.

So lets do this properly.  And by properly I mean lets try and put everyone in there place.  Answer the poll below and feel good about politics for a change.

You can have multiple answers.  And we promise that its binding if the answer is no, but not if its yes.

Who do you think should be the next PM of Australia


Did we miss anything important?  Let us know in the comments below.

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