Many SSM “NO” Voters Claim Text Made Them Homophobic.

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Texts can make you homophobic.

The text message that can make you homophobic.


After a marriage equality campaigner sent a Vote YES text message to hundreds of thousands of Australians, many thousands are claiming the text made them homophobic.

Here are a few quotes we received when we reached out to locals.

“I was totally for marriage equality before I got that text. Now I shall vote No and its their fault”. – Gwenyth Battlesex

“All of my friends are those gay types, but that text upset me so much that I suddenly feel the need to be on Tony Abbot’s team.” – Hermes Whippleflick

“I’m not homophobic whatever that means. I just know that they are asking me for their rights and that text message makes me hate them sooooo much.”  – Mary Jesus.

“My entire life was ruined when I got that text, but before then I really wanted them to have gay marriage.  Now I don’t.” – Susan Nohomosallowed.

“I was claiming to be a Yes voter but secretly vote No..   but that text made me be a vocal No voter.” – Brutus Bartstretch.

“I wasn’t homophobic, but that text made me homophobic.” – Gazza Blaztard

After speaking with the participants, I sent them a text worded the same but in support of the No argument.  It did not influence them in any way.

Did the text change your mind at all?

Did the SSM YES Text affect you.


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