Searching For Relevance, Tony Abbott Considering Sniffing Chairs

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History is full of lessons for those prepared to listen to her advice.

In 2007, WA Liberal Politician Troy Buswell rejuvenated his political career by admitting to sniffing the chair of a female staffer.  The act ultimately led to his promotion to Leader of the WA Liberal Party.

In 2017, Tony Abbott is probably considering a similar move to regain the Liberal Party Leadership, although he is reportedly hoping for Bronwyn Bishop to come out of retirement before he commits to such a course of action.

Malcolm Turnbull is long known to sniff only chairs of billionaires, owing to their generous pockets and rich odour.

Bill Shorten furiously sniffs every chair he can find, hoping that it gets Labor across the line.  He was last seen heading into the diseased colon surgery ward of Royal Melbourne Hospital to sniff some chairs of recovering prolapsed colon and lazy sphincter sufferers.


Read about Troy Buswell’s chair sniffing adventures here.

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